Michigan Grass-fed Farms

Delivered to Your Door for FREE*

Want healthy, nutrient-dense, mouth-watering grass-fed beef
from local farms at a great price?

(And FREE delivery*, too?)

Why Grass-fed Meat Market?

Every family should be able to eat the healthiest meat money can buy…even if you’re on a budget! With a grass-fed burger bundle, you can! Plus, you’ll always enjoy farm-direct pricing on beef quarters, half hogs, and whole lambs.

It’s all delivered to your home, free of charge!


100% Grass-Fed Beef
GMO-Free Pork
Pastured Lamb
Never Fed Antibiotics
USDA Inspected


With wholesale and farm-direct pricing, you’ll save up to 40% what you’d pay elsewhere for the same quality.


Enjoy fast, free and friendly delivery in the Grand Rapids area. Delivery at cost everywhere else.

Easy to Order + Risk free

Order online in minutes! You’ll love the quality, value, and flavor or we’ll buy back all your unused product, guaranteed. 


Farms vetted for restaurant-quality flavor. Rave reviews from customers like you and top local (and national) chefs.

Welcome to a Different Kind of Farmer’s Market

Welcome to a farmers market where each farm is vetted for humane, life-affirming farming practices and incredible flavor! The meat you eat should help nurture and heal your body. That’s why member farms must prove sustainable and humane farm practices like:

Grass-fed beef

GMO-Free Pork

Pastured Lamb

Never fed antibiotics


As a farmer’s market founded by a restaurant family, mouth-watering flavor matters.
If it doesn’t taste great, you won’t find it here. Guaranteed!

If you don’t LOVE the flavor, we’ll buy back your unused meat at the price you paid!

Now Anyone Can Afford To Eat Grass-fed Beef!

Why spend your money on conventional, store-bought ground beef when—next to the same price*—you can get feed their family for the absolute healthiest meat money can buy: 100% grass-fed beef from local farms?

*Compare our farms’ 90/10 ground beef with conventional, store-bought 90/10!

beef quarters, half hogs, and whole lamb at farm-direct pricing!

Fully Butchered Grass-Fed Beef Quarters

Farm-Direct Pricing and FREE Grand Rapids Delivery

Fully Butchered Pasture-raised Half Hogs

Farm-Direct Pricing and FREE Grand Rapids Delivery

Fully Butchered Pasture-raised Half Lamb

Farm-Direct Pricing and FREE Grand Rapids Delivery

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