Why Every Family Needs a Farmer—Not Just a Doctor

Do you believe that food has the power to heal or harm you? To improve your quality of life…or detract from it?

If so, you probably believe that food is medicine…

…That it can literally help the body to overcome disease.

More than that, you might know in your gut that food is also preventative medicine…that it can boost the immune system and help the body do its job of warding off diseases— like cancer and the recent pandemic.

But did you know that modern food has been depleted of significant amounts of vitamins and minerals in the 20th Century? And that it’s getting worse every year?

The implication: our health is becoming more and more fragile.

Chalk it up to “industrial farming” if you’d like: produce grown in over-farmed soil, harvested before it’s ripe so that it can ripen on its thousand-mile journey to the supermarket. Chalk it up to GMOs or lack of diversity in the kinds of foods we raise.

This is why so many Americans feel the need to take supplements…

And yet, inexpensive vitamins don’t get absorbed in the body like they should. Instead, they make for very expensive pee. (Talk about money flushed down the toilet!)

We know if we don’t get the supplements our body needs we could end up spending thousands—and tens of thousands—of dollars with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals later in life.

There’s a better way…

And that’s to eat foods—produce, proteins, and grains—that are healthy and wholesome, full of the nutrients you need…Grown by farmers who raise traditional foods in traditional ways…In nutrient-dense soil.

These are farmers who, if they raise meat, do so on grasses grown in rich, dark earth.

It means eating a rainbow of colors. (Did you know those colors actually represent the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals we need?)

It almost aways means eating local food whenever possible, instead of foods picked well before it’s ripened.

Look. We entrust our health and well-being to doctors, but today it’s equally important that we buy from farmers we can trust…Who have a passion for growing nutrient-dense produce and grains…and raising healthy meat.

We are what we eat. And since proteins are the building blocks of our cells, I just love the idea of eating grass-fed beef from Highland cattle, the world’s oldest cattle breed…

Think of it: its genetics have benefited from more than 800 years of natural selection in one of the harshest environments on earth: the Scottish Highlands.

That’s what I want for the cells in my kids’ bodies!

Compare that to eating meat from “fragile livestock”: cattle, chickens, and hogs raised in confinement. Where their health is so feeble and vulnerable to disease they need the crutch of daily antibiotics. You just gotta believe that gets translated into our cells!

It used to be that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But now the more important question is where did that apple come from?


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