Delivery FAQs

Are deliveries FREE in the Grand Rapids and Fremont areas?


The Grand Rapids area includes: Ada, Belmont, Byron Center, Caledonia, Cascade, Cannonsburg, Comstock Park, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Hudsonville, Jenison, Kentwood, Rockford, Sparta, and Wyoming.

The Fremont area includes: Fremont, Grant, Newaygo, and White Cloud.

Is there a free pick-up option?

If you order a quarter beef, half hog, or whole lamb, you can pick-up your order for free at our butcher in Byron Center, MI.


Unfortunately, there is no pick-up option for grass-fed burger or steak bundles.


The orders are delivered direct from the butcher who does not pick-and-pack the burger or steak bundles for us; that’s all done by us from our refrigerated delivery truck the day of deliveries.

If I live outside the free delivery area, what would it cost to get my order delivered?

Deliveries are made at-cost everywhere outside the Grand Rapids and Fremont areas. The cost is $2/mile outside the free delivery zone, calculated from Byron Center, Grand Rapids, or Fremont–whichever is closer to you.

We can deliver as far west as Michigan’s west coast, as far north as the Traverse City area, as far west as the Detroit area, and as far south as the Michigan-Indiana border, including the South Bend/Mishawaka area.

For delivery cost to your home, email

Common areas outside of the Grand Rapids area include Allendale, Belding, Cedar Springs, and Lowell. For these locations, a low-cost, discounted delivery fee applies: only $25!

What if I’m not home–or can’t come to the door–when the delivery is made?

All meat comes to you frozen, ready for your freezer.

During the cooler months, when air temperatures will keep your product cold, it’s no problem to leave your order on your doorstep for you to retrieve when you return home or can get to your door.


During the warmer months, if you leave a cooler (or coolers) on your doorstep, breezeway, etc., we’ll happily load it/them up for you!


If you are not home–or otherwise cannot answer your door–AND there is no cooler to place your order in…we will leave your order in insulated boxes at a cost to you of $10/box. 50# of ground beef fits in each box.


And these insulated boxes are 100% eco-friendly. If you don’t want to re-use it, the insulated foam is made from GMO-free corn (dissolve it in water and feed your plants!). The box itself is 100% recyclable. Back when we shipped orders via FedEx, we were the only company in the United States (that we’re aware of) shipping meat this way!


Also, for your convenience–and if you tell us to–we’ll give you a courtesy call or text between 5 and 30 min. prior to arrival at your home. Just email or call (616) 202-6426 for a courtesy call or text.

Please contact us today if our FAQs fail to answer your questions.