Our Farmers

Belhaven Highlands

When humans manage cattle to mimic the natural cycle of wild game like buffalo, depleted, barren land can make a quick and astonishing comeback!

Farmer Lyle Schmidt is a third generation certified organic farmer who has carried on a tradition of farming in his family for over 100 years.

Dundonald Highlands

Eddie Mackay is a Scottish immigrant who raises pastured Cheviot lamb and award-winning Highland beef in Three Rivers, MI.

Growing up during World War II, Mackay learned how to farm in the Scottish countryside. When he came to America, he continued farming with his aunt and uncle in The Catskills (New York state).

Idle River Farms

Idle River Farms is Michigan’s oldest heritage Red Wattle farm!

Founded and run by Matt and Kristal Burdick, they have been farming in America for as long as anyone can remember.

LEA-White Farms

10,000 hours.

That magic number transforms a novice into a master. If you want mastery in Tae Kwon Do, beekeeping, web design, carpentry, or trombone playing – well, then – you’re staring down a decade of 20 hours a week.