Dundonald Highlands

Eddie Mackay is a Scottish immigrant who raises pastured Cheviot lamb and award-winning Highland beef in Three Rivers, MI.

Growing up during World War II, Mackay learned how to farm in the Scottish countryside. When he came to America, he continued farming with his aunt and uncle in The Catskills (New York state).

In 1995, Mackay purchased a farm in Three Rivers, MI, naming it after his home town of Dundonald, and “New Dundonald” is not unlike “Old World Dundonald”.

Homegrown Michigan Magazine describes Dundonald Farms as a land of “rolling pastures and wooded wetlands”. There, Mackay rotationally grazes his fold of Highland cattle and Cheviot lambs.

Dundonald Highlands Farm has the distinction of being one of the first to participate in the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program, and the farm is environmentally verified in a farmstead, livestock, and cropping. (ibid.)

In 2020, Mackay began selling a small amount of 100% grass-fed, GMO-free burger bundles from his fold of Highland cattle.

Dundonald beef quarters are raised on pasture and finished for 90 days on locally-raised cracked corn.

His lamb is pasture-raised and given a supplemental feed of soy and molasses. Like his beef, it is free of hormones and never fed antibiotics.