LEA-White Farms

10,000 hours. That magic number transforms a novice into a master. If you want mastery in Tae Kwon Do, bee keeping, web design, carpentry, or trombone playing--well, then--you're staring down a decade of 20 hours a week.

But 30 years? Why that catapults you into the upper stratosphere of excellence.

30 years is how long Pat White and Larry Albers have been raising Highland cattle in Michigan. You’d expect them to have picked up a few tricks along the way–and, boy, have they.

You’ve heard legends of Kobe beef. Of Japanese samurais massaging their cattle, giving them beer to drink all in the pursuit of beef quality. Well, Larry and Pat personally bundle hay – then ferment it -as cattle feed. It’s what’s for dinner all…winter…long.

Lovers of microbrew beers, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what inspired them with the idea! Spring, Summer, and Fall; a salad of pasture grasses for their Scottish Highland cattle. Then, it’s on to “edible beer” for the winter months…
Happy cows? You bet!